Khazra Golab with its history of about half a century, which it inherited from its ancestors, has 7 traditional cabins and 2,000 meters of spas for sparkling. The catering facility has 500 tourists simultaneously. This collection has about 80 types of herbs and rose water. The Khazra Golab has three distinct sections, including a shop and exhibition hall, a restroom and a garden, which includes a salon of distillation, a storage tanks, a dry warehouse, a warehouse for storing raw materials and a warehouse of product storage. The shop and exhibition have a rose water And 80 kinds of herbs. Marmalade syrup. Syrup, Peppermint, Syrup, Parsnip, Syrup, Peppermint, Syrup, Cinnamon .... Mud Mohammadi and all kinds of dried fruit jams of Golmohammadi, Jamshato and .... are different types of pickles. The garden and the rest area have about 40 beds for guests to relax with 2 pools and water views and a quiet location. Khazra Golabat is welcomed by guests from all over Iran.

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