Properties of fennel sweat

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Properties of fennel sweat

Fennel is a medicinal plant that has a warm and dry nature. In traditional Iranian medicine, it is referred to as vinegar and bile. If you want to use its laxity, you should use it with a substance that reduces the heat of the plant and is our best option for accompanying it with honey and honey. The amount of daily consumption of fennel, on average up to 5 grams or One to three sweatshirts are recommended, and a maximum of 40 days is needed to determine the outcome of the treatment and the plant will provide its therapeutic properties.

The benefits of fennel

The reason for the presence of estrogen in the combination of this plant is to increase milk and is the best treatment for menstruation. Anti-obesity fennel is a remedy for vaginal inflammation and menopausal symptoms like eclipse. In addition, if it is used with brow bean, it is regular, that is, it stops the menstrual cycle. It is a great tool for the eyelid and wrinkles of the skin, which, of course, should be used as an ointment. Too much in the form of ointment to remove Excessive hair is very suitable. To do this, powder the fennel seed and then mix it with a type of oil (such as olive oil or almond oil) and put on a mask on your face. This mask brightens and brightens the skin. It eliminates the hiccups and dyspepsia. It has a lot of benefits to all, and, along with the corncrake, it eliminates kidney stones. If a person with kidney stones (less than 5 mm) has four to five times the seeds of fennel and corn cobbins, the stones will be repelled. The stones of the plant also help to resolve the problems of the kidneys. Antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory anaestheter helps to treat irritable bowel syndrome and reduce appetite.

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Fennel has many properties, and along with the corncrak, it can kill renal stone.

Fennel's health benefits

One of the most miraculous properties of the fennel is the enhancement of vision, reducing inflammation of the eye and reducing the risk of cataracts. To mend your mouth and treat sore throat, you can also spit the fennel, or put seed in the mouth and chew for a few minutes. Pregnant women With fennel, it helps to make the baby more beautiful. It also helps determine the child's gender and increases the likelihood of a female embryo. Excessive consumption of fennel in people with respiratory distress leads to asthma attacks. It is also possible to reduce the amount of sexual force in men and slimming in women. Additionally, excessive intake of milk may result in the discontinuation or reduction of milk in breastfeeding women.

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